Big thanks to the 2014 Grand Prize Jury: 


Stephen Borys – Director and CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery                      

Monica Giesbrecht – Principal Landscape Architect, HTFC Planning and Design        

Linda Levit – Interior Designer & Owner, XYZ Design Inc               

Johanna Hurme – Architect, Principal & Co-founder, 5468796 Architecture  

John McDonald - President and CEO, Metric Marketing

Boon Burger

100-141 Bannatyne Avenue
Owners: Tomas Sohlbery, Anneen Duplessis
Architect: Dudley Thompson - Prairie Architects

Canada’s first veggie burger joint resides in what used to be an open tunnel in the East Exchange District. Now fully repurposed, Boon Burger’s open-concept space is comprised of rustic and ready-made materials. The interior and exterior design is simple and features inspired furniture and superior graphics.​​

Qualico Family Centre

330 Assiniboine Drive
Owners: Assiniboine Park Conservatory
Architect: Brent Bellamy - Number TEN Architectural Group

A part of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy’s $200-million makeover, the Qualico Family Centre invites visitors to cozy up in front of a fire-place, the centrepiece of its interior space. The Qualico Family Centre is a well-lit, multi-functional space that employs a good use of outside materials that help integrate the building into the surrounding context.


Carpathia Credit Union

1375 Grant Avenue
Owner: Walter Dlugosh
Architects: George 
Cibinel - Cibinel Architects Ltd. 

Carpathia Credit Union’s design adds wealth and value to the surrounding community it serves. Subtly designed, the building is restrained but not bland. The continuity of materials from the exterior to the interior of the building is thoughtful and cohesive.

Kimchi Sushi

14-998 Keewatin Street
Owner: Karlos Eunyoo
IDesigner: Jae-Sung Chon - Studio for Transformative Urban Forms and Fields (STUFF)

Located on Keewatin, Kimchi Sushi has helped to transform a bland strip-mall space into a cozy retreat, incorporating simple design elements and décor that creates a masterful ambiance. The walls demonstrate how a good burnt wood effect should be executed and the twinkling white lights hanging from the ceiling create a great effect.

Marion Pharmacy

191 Marion StreetOwner: Scott Bowles, Darren Murphy, Carey Lai

Architect: Lisa Kirton, Andrew Wach - Andrew Wach Architects Inc

Opened in 2013, Marion Pharmacy’s simple, straightforward, and inviting design serves as the backdrop for many customers in St. Boniface. Design elements are well-integrated and allows for a good use of opening and closing spaces. A blend of high-end finishing touches and industrial details, coupled with a new canopy that is to scale with the building serves as a good contrast with its neighbours.